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Industry partnership

Dr.Indiramma M
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BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE) has placed emphasis on the cultivation of strong links with industry and promotion of various industrial activities by the faculty members and students.

The Industry Interaction Cell facilitates exchange of ideas amongst students, faculty, and the industry. The prime objective of this cell is to strengthen the relationship between the institute and industry resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership. This Cell is very keen in collaborating with industrial organizations for working on various problems of mutual interest by entering into MoU’s,

  • Internship for students,
  • Faculty development programs,
  • Research and Development Projects.
  • Industrial visits,
  • Training students in association with industry,
  • Working model competitions,
  • Technical paper presentation,
  • Workshop, Seminars by Industry Experts.

Composition of Industry Institute Interaction Cell [IIIC]

SNO Name & Department Designation Role
1 Dr.K.Mallikharjuna Babu Principal Chairman
2 Dr.K.Guruprasad, ME Professor Member
3 Dr.B.Ravishankar, IEM HOD Member
4 Dr.SamithaMaitra, CH HOD Member
5 Dr.B.Kanmani, TCE HOD Member
6 Dr.T. S. Pranesh, PHY HOD Member
7 Dr.Nagendra, MBA Dean Member
8 Dr.S.Girish, CE Professor Member
9 Dr.K.R.Radhika, ISE Professor Member
10 Smt.PushpaDevanathan, AT Professor Member
11 Smt.S.Uma, MCA Asst Prof Member
12 Smt.Poornima, EC Asst. Prof. Member
13 Dr.M.Rajyalakshmi, BT Professor Member
14 Smt.TejaswiPatil, MBA Faculty Member
15 Smt Usha A, EE Faculty Member
16 Sri.Murali Krishna Reddy, Fmr Chairman, IE(India) Industry Member
17 Sri.Muralidhar, Fmr President, FKCCI Industry Member
18 Dr.H.S.Jagadeesh, TPO Professor Member
19 Dr.M.Indiramma, CS, Co-ordinator Professor Convener


Various MoU’s :

Robert Bosh Engineering and Business Solutions Limited

MOU was signed with Robert Bosh Engineering and Business Solutions Limited on 19th Jan 2012 to work in a collaborative manner on research topics.

CENTUM Electronics Limited

CENTUM and BMSCE has signed an Mou on 15th Sept 2012.The scope of this MOU is to provide a framework of reference to build a strong and on-going relationship between CENTUM and BMSCE in various areas of mutual interest and benefit: Faculty / student training, Internship for students etc.

NXP Semi Conductor Private Limited

The MOU between NXP Semi Conductor Private Limited and BMSCE signed on 03.01.2011. The NXP Lab at BMSCE will foster talent, facilitate technology absorption, knowledge generation and focus in chosen domain to develop products for specific markets like India.

ZTE Telecom India Private Limited

The MOU between ZTE Telecom India Private Limited and BMSCE was signed on 19.05.2011. The MOU hasresulted in ZTE setting up 3G wireless Lab on Campus. Number of Student Training Programsand FDC are regularly conducted.

Texas Instruments

The MOU between Cranes Software International Limited, the University Program Partner for Texas Instruments, and Department of Telecommunication, EEE,ECE, and Medical Electronics , BMSCE was signed on 12th February 2011.

National Instruments [India] Private Limited

The MOU between National Instruments [India] Private Limited and BMSCE was signed on 12.02.2011. As a result of this MOU, the Department Received support in conduction of Two Faculty training Programs. The Department has developed UG Laboratory experiments in the area of Analog and Digital Communication using LAB VIEW, which resulted in presentation of two papers in the 6th IEEE Signal Processing Education Conference in Arizona. Joint Activities have resulted in the department receiving AICTE Grants under IIPC Project.

Nihon Communication Solutions Pvt Ltd

MOU with Nihon Communication Solutions Pvt Ltd., towards setting up Testing/Research Lab at BMSCE was signed on 18.01.2012. Various programs on wireless and Qual net is organized by BMSCE