The Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) is constituted for the purpose of redressal of grievances of students. The students may express their grievance online by filling out the form below. They may also approach the members of the cell and express their grievances. The students are also encouraged to make constructive suggestions by using the suggestion box. The college assures the students that once a complaint is made, it will be treated with sensitivity and as confidential.

Sl.No Committee Members Status EMail
1. Dr.B.V.Ravishankar Chairman,GRC
2. Dr H.S Guruprasad Member,GRC
3. Dr.Rangaswamy Member,GRC
4. Smt.T.Renuka Member,GRC
5. Shasheen Shariff Member,GRC
6. Dr.P.Meena Member-Convener,GRC
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