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Department Of Electrical and Electronics

Department Of Electrical and Electronics

Dr C Lakshminarayana

Professor and Head


The department was established in 1946 under Grant in Aid  from Govt. of Karnataka with an undergraduate program in Electrical & Electronics Engg. having  a sanctioned intake of 60. The undergraduate program has been  autonomous since 2008. The program has been accredited by NBA (Washington Accord)  under Tier-I format for three years  till  July 2017.In the year  1991, the post graduate program  in  Power Electronics was established with an intake of 18.The post graduate program has been accredited by NBA since  June 2013 for three years and is autonomous since 2016. The department has been recognized as an R&D Centre under VTU  during the year 2002 and AICTE QIP research centre in the year 2011.The department also supports BE degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Evening) as per VTU requirements since 1973.


Facilitating the development of competent professionals capable of adapting to the constantly changing global scenario in the field of Electrical Sciences.


  • Impart quality technical education and encourage research in the field of Electrical Sciences.
  • Empower every individual to develop as a professional with an ability to apply his/her knowledge and skills to adapt to the evolving technological requirements of society

Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of the program will,

  • PEO-1Possess successful careers in Electrical Sciences, and allied areas and pursue higher education with a broad knowledge base in Mathematics and Engineering principles.
  • PEO-2Utilize their technical, analytical, communicative and managerial skills and knowledge for societal progress and enrich them to keep in pace with relevant advancements by engaging themselves in lifelong learning
  • PEO-3Exhibit professionalism by displaying competence, leadership, dedication and commitment.

Program Specific Outcomes

At the end of the program students will have the ability to,

  • PSO1:Develop models, analyze and assess the performance of different types of generation, transmission, distribution and protection mechanisms in power systems.
  • PSO2: Design, develop, analyze and test electrical and electronics systems; deploy control strategies for power electronics related and other applications.
  • PSO3:Measure, analyze, model and control the behavior of electrical quantities associated with constituents of energy or allied systems.



Short-term goals :


Leveraging Technology for TLP


Based Learning, QEEE


Technical Staff

Recruitment & Training


Strengthening Infrastructure



Curriculum Revision

  • Network of  Industry, Alumni, Students,   Faculty
  • Activities to create societal impact
  • Project Based Learning


Industry-Institution Interaction

  • Joint R&D, Workshops
  • Value added Courses, Extension Lectures
  • Industry Visits, Internships
  • Technical Symposia
  • Curriculum Development


Research Activities

  • Organize International Conference
  • Industry Sponsored Research
  • Research Publications
  • Professional Body Activity-IEEE, ISTE

Long term goals:


Enhance Funded Research


New PG Program


Enhance  Multidisciplinary research


Increase  Patents  &  Publications


Faculty/Student exchange  program  with Foreign universities.


Enhance Resources for Consultancy


Faculty details:

Faculty Strength       :  22

Faculty Cadre ratio   :  Prof. : Assoc. Prof.  : Asst. Prof.                           

                                           04 :          09        :         09

No. of Doctorates     :   12

Pursuing Ph.D          :   01     

Ave. total experience:  17 Years

Average age              :  41 Years

Gender Ratio            :   7:15 (M:F)

Technical Staff details :

Total Strength              :  14

Instructor                     : 01 (Dip., B.E)

Asst. Instructor            : 02, Mechanic: 01(ITI or Equivalent)

Helper                         : 08, SDA: 01

Technical Assistants    : 01 (B.E, Diploma)

Ave. total experience    :  20 Years

Average age                 :  42 Years